Thursday, February 18, 2010

Question What Booster seat for 25 mo and 40 lb?

My daughter is only 25 mo but shes a BIG girl 95% for height and weight shes 40 pounds and shes very tall not sure how tall but shes mistaken for a 4 year old alot. ANd is in size 5T. I live in Pa.

Child restraint requirements in PA are that children must be restrained under 7 yrs. Your daughter should drive in a Booster Seat in the back seat, until age 8, unless taller than 4' 9". The Children's Hospital from Philadelphia has researched that children in booster seats travel with 45% more safety than belt-restrained children.
Look for 5 point harness models and there are models for 40 up to 80 lb weight. Evenflo has a booster seat model for bigger kids.
Britax has another booster seat. Graco has a third model booster seat. All these are good brands and the prices vary. I would not get a used booster seat unless I know the previous owner enough to make sure that the booster seat has not been in an accident. Some internal parts could be damaged and we want the seat to be comfortable and safely built for a good sitting position.

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