Monday, February 1, 2010


I live in LA and I'm used to hours of driving. This is partially because of the distances, but also because of the increase of after school activities: ballet, karate, play dates, etc.
The booster seat,  not only keeps children safe, it is the place for their sippy cups and snaks, their toys, their story books.

I'd like to consider some facts that stood out for me when buying a booster car seat.

There are many booster seat brands in the market with a wide range of prices - $ 40 to $ 250. Everyone likes saving, but evidently, as the booster car seat is softer and more comfortable, the price goes up. One of the first things to look at, is that the booster seat be spacious enough to be comfortable, sturdy and durable.

Some models have nice side pockets, big enough that your child will be able to reach out for his sippy cup and snack. In relationship with this, I also look into easy maintenance: a nice looking fabric with colors I like and easy to clean.

Something primary to check at the moment of purchasing your Booster seat is that when you tye it down, it buckles well.

I would consider buying two booster car seats. One will be permanent in your car, the second booster seat - maybe at a lower price - will be for a second family car, will go to playdates with your child when dad or someone else will pick him up, for the nanny, etc.

There have been recalls, and as possible, I would recommend researching the brand and model you choose for recalls, before purchasing the booster seat for your loved one.
Sylvia Giussani

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